Meade Peak Gas Shale

Kimmeridge recently completed a first test well in the Meade Peak Shale in Wyoming. Kimmeridge has a position in this promising dry gas shale in partnership with Matador Resources.

The Meade Peak Shale is a member of the Phosphoria Formation with observed shale thickness of 70-350ft, total organic carbon (TOC) of 3 to 7% and Ro values ranging from 2-2.6%. Drill depths are from 3000ft to 12000ft with the majority of prospective leases within the 3000-8000ft depth range. The formation has been penetrated in over 100 wells in the area with gas shows on all mud logs and classic gas shale responses. Seismic and subsurface data shows distinct, stacked thrust plates which form relatively un-deformed belts in between the main thrusts that are 5-10miles wide and extend for 10-20+ miles along strike. These un-deformed belts of sediment are the focus of the prospect. To date no attempts have been made to horizontally drill or hydraulically fracture this formation.