Kimmeridge Energy’s ambition is to be a top alternative asset manager as measured by risk-adjusted returns, portfolio quality and client service.

As industry thought leaders, we are able to detect long-term trends and changes in the space, and we seek to exploit these trends to provide superior risk-adjusted returns to our investors.

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Industry Knowledge: The Kimmeridge leadership team consists of individuals with a proven record of understanding how the oil and gas industry functions. Our backgrounds include industry roles, geology, consulting and investing.

Geological Insight: Kimmeridge believes that a deep understanding of geology provides much of its competitive edge versus other capital providers. We only seek to invest in projects where we see real geological upside, based on quantitative analysis, increasing our probability of success. Furthermore, our expertise makes us an involved and knowledgeable partner for industry players.

Strategic Skills Lead to Direct Ownership:  Kimmeridge seeks to provide better returns for its investors by eliminating layers of management and by investing directly in promising assets. This is enabled by the considerable in-house expertise and experience in geological evaluation, land acquisition and engineering.